Thursday, 13 October 2011

India-China Journey

India-China journey??It's sound a crazy trip. And I almost screwed up with it. Actually I bought the ticket during Air Asia big promo last May. From Kuala Lumpur to Delhi (RM200 include tax & fuel surcharge) and from Hong Kong to Penang (RM290 include tax and fuel surcharge). The main attraction are to visit Taj Mahal in Agra, India and Great Wall of China in Beijing. This trip will take around 16 days.

I plan to explore The Golden Triangle (Delhi-Jaipur-Agra) since this is my first time traveling in India. But It depend on time also. I need to do more research about the places, timing and also transportation. My idea now is to travel by train. For more information visit . The train there very easy even more better than KTM Malaysia (this from what i read in some travel blogs).
India Map
Then from Agra, I plan to enter Kathmandu, Nepal. This is the best way to transit before cross Tibet. From information it is no problem in Kathmandu. Visitor can apply on arrival visa at their immigration. But I'm screw up at Tibet part. The procedure for visitor in Tibet very strict. *Any idea from bloggers??

The main reason I want to go to Tibet is to see the scenery along the journey by train from Lhasa-Xian. In China I totally travel by train from Lhasa-Xian-Beijing (not a fast train) . Check here for the train route, time and schedule . While in big city traveler can use China bullet train to travel between main city (Beijing-Shanghai-Shenzen). Can check here

China Train Route
This is an overview of my crazy trip on April 2012.

My journey

I will start crash my head and do more research about this trip. Hope I can make it perfectly. If you have any idea or suggestion, please let me know ok. Either by email or in my blog.

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