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Korea Trip

I went to Korea last February (24Feb-1March 2011) with my cousin's group by Air Asia X. They are from MMU University and just finished their study last January. This trip like celebration to them. I have been waiting so long to go Korea since all my friend have their commitment. So, I just grab this opportunity and join this group. At first, only 10 of us will travel to Korea (1 of us schooling and knew korean language). But, when the time comes I heard 6 more person will join my group. This 6 person consider kakak and aunty (1 of the kakak is our group member's closed friend. She stayed in Korea for 4 years and work at Malaysia Embassy). We are lucky coz have 2 person can speak korean laguage. I think it's better since this is our first time to Korea. Our journey took around 7 hours from Kuala Lumpur-Incheon, Seoul. For your information, i didn't took part about korea coz the kakak already book all our accomodation and transportation from Incheon Airport to Seoul City. I just payed the amount.

LCCT Airport
An nyung Haseyo Hwang Tae Hyung @Jun Geung Suk

Incheon Airport
When we reached outside the airport building, wow it super cold. Even that time is end of winter (temperature between -4°C-2°C). Everybody start wearing winter coat. From Incheon airport we took a bus to Seoul City. It took around 1 and half hour to reach our destination. We stopped at Angguk Station Exit 5 since our hostel is around that area. We just follow the hostel direction given from the map.

Subway-Anguk Station

We stayed at Seoul Hostel. I'm not too fussy for accommodation because I'm always looking for budget hotel during traveling. Bed just for sleep for less than 5-6 hours. Of course we will went out the whole day to explore new places. For extra information, the hostel owner is Muslim (he just converted for a years not sure that).You guys can check the hostel rate in

Our small room with attach toilet
Clean toilet
Time to rest everyone. We need to keep our energy for tomorrow activities. All of us excited to start our amazing race in Seoul. Haha :)

This is the first thing to buy. It's like our Touch & Go card. The purpose of this card is for all transportation in Seoul City. No need to line up to buy the subway ticket (also for bus and taxi). If I'm not mistaken this card cost 2500 won and you should refill your card too.

Sight Seeing In Seoul 

Nami Island
We went to Nami Island as our first activity. Nami Island is outside from Seoul City. This is the place where Kang Jung Sang and  cycling in Winter Sonata korean drama series I think we took around 2 hours to reach Gapyeong subway station. From subway station took a taxi to ferry port. Taxi fare around 4000 won while ferry fare is 8000 won.

Ferry to Nami Island
Welcome to Nami Island
Nami Island Signboard

Sarang hae

Winter Sonata Memorial

 Bye Bye Nami Island. We meet again next year in autumn season...MMmmuahhhh!!!!!

 For other activities we buy a package from our hostel. The main package is one day skiing (from morning until evening). The tour guide will pick up us at Seoul Hostel. On the day, we persuade the tour guide to include Gyeongbokgung (Gyeongbuk Palace) and Namisan Tower (Seoul Tower). We rearrange the schedule. Skiing until afternoon. Then bring us to Gyeongbokgung and last destination is Seoul Tower. From Seoul Tower we go back ourself. This is better coz since we have transport. Easy like ABC. No headache.

Skiing at Skijang
Everybody getting excited to ski on the ice. But I'm a little bit disappointed. Missed communication with the tour guide. Actually we want the real ski but when at Skijang they give us something else. I don't know what to call this thing. Look like kids game. She told us if skii we need to pay extra. Since we cut off the time, just proceed with kids game.

Kids Game
Happy Smile
We are lucky. When we arrived at this palace, they have exchange army (panglima) ceremony. They will change twice per day for the morning shift and evening shift. Is it the best word to describe? Haha:)

Gyeongbokgung Exit Gate
Seoul Tower
This is our last sight seeing trip. We arrived late evening. I'm satisfied we can cover our sight seeing list (based on our itinerary). One of us excited to go here coz this is one of scene place in Boys Over Flower series.  Most similar to KL Tower. The main purpose is to see Seoul view from the tower. Need to pay 7000 won for the entrance. Everybody look tired and we decided to walk around outside the tower.

At Namisan Tower
Seoul View
Then I saw so many pad lock (they called love pad lock) along the fence and also hanging on Xmas tree. The love padlock is symbolize of love. Something you lock your love. They believed on that?? OMG!!!!

Love Padlock
End of sight seeing story. Scene in korean drama gave a big impact to tourist to visit the location. Everybody want to go to the drama places. Hahaha :)

Place to Shop
Hoyeayyy!!!! Time to shop. But it not much influence me to shop. I'm not a shopaholic person. I just find some souvenir to my family and close friend. But i have a budget for clothing in my list.

 This is one of famous shopping place for among tourist. Once I reached there, just one word from my mouth....Huargggghhh!!!! their fashion very trendy and super cool even they sold winter cloth (end of winter season). I bought 2 pants, 2 sweater and 2 trendy blouse (it's trendy tshirt actually..hehe). Enough for me.

Namdaemun Gate 5
Namdaemun Market
Now, let's find souvenir. First we went to one of the building between the long cloth shops. Inside this building they sold a lot of women accessories. Earrings, necklace, bangles, brooch ant others. Most of malaysian tourist will came here to buy brooch. Some of the seller can speak simple Malay language especially on numbering.

Korea Brooch
This building is attach with souvenir building. A lot of korea souvenir can find here. I bought fridge magnet, korea chopstick and key chain. A special Hanbok in frame bought for my own souvenir.

Souvenir Shop
I have nothing to buy here. We went here for handbags shopping purpose only. Requested by working person. Hahaha :). There are a lot of handbag's shop inside the building.

Handbag shop
Gwanjang Market
This place is famous with the textile and fabric. Some of us bought korean silk at one of the shop here. Our group leader is this shop regular customer during her staying in Korea. The owner very soft spoken and polite (for sure coz we bought his silk). I don't know the silk price is cheaper than Malaysia. I never bought and wear silk actually. I have zero knowledge about silk price. Hahaha..

Korea silk store
Myeongdong is the most popular place for branded shop. This place also known as fashion street coz it have Zara, Uniqlo, MNG, and other brand. Here also have a lot of beauty shop like Faceshop, Nature Skin, Etude House, Missha and other korea product beauty. I like this beauty shop marketing strategy. Almost of the beauty shop will put korean artist picture banner outside their shop. Before going inside, the salesgirl already give special gift (their product of course) to customer. But I'm really jealous with korean girl (in beauty shop). They have smooth and flawless skin like korean artist.

At Myeongdong
We just stopped to find Muslim Restaurant. Some of us can't eat korean food. It depend our taste. I have no problem coz I really love korean food. This place is popular amongst foreigners. One of the main reason is the variety restaurant. This is the right place for foreigners to find their own country food (Indian, Middle East, American and Italian food). I'm so surprised coz have one mosque in Itaewon.

Mosque at Itaewon
We had try two Muslim restaurant in Itaewon, Usmaniah and Wazwan ( if i'm not mistaken). I also try turkish kebab from MR Kebab. Usmaniah is exclusive and a little bit expensive while Wazwan is consider cheap restaurant. One of Wazwan's waiter can speak Malay coz he worked at Masjid India, KL before.

Usmaniah Restaurant
Wazwan Restaurant
Underground Market
Most of underground market located at subway station. You can find a lot of things here. We went to one of underground market in Seoul ( I forgot the location). This is our last shopping before travel back to Malaysia.

Korean Food That I Try :

Nami Island
We called Nasi Kocak. I forgot the korea name for this rice. The main ingredient are plain rice and egg.
Nasi Kocak
At Seoul Hostel, Jongno-gu
We order from our hostel. This small restaurant have delivery service. So wonderful.

Nakci aka Octopus
Sondobu set with rice
Nakci, and macarel
Jelly fish, and i forgot the others
Shindang Rapoki
This ramyeon restaurant was recommended by our leader. Located at Shindang Rapoki. We went there by taxi. Lucky we have the address. Just showed the address to taxi driver. She always came here last time. No worries coz this is vegetarian restaurant. I don't know how to pronoun this restaurant name (written in Korean character). I think I still keep this restaurant business card. Maybe can go for the next trip. Hopefully!!!!

Ramyeon Restaurant
Ramyeon ingredient
Ready to boil
Ramyeon after cook
Gwanjang Market
Most of korean street food can get inside Gwanjang Market. We try to eat Homultang. The main ingredient are fish, fish egg, some vege and of course chili paste.

Homultang ingredient
Ready to cook
Skijang Food Court
We eat here after finish skiing. A lot of variety. We plan to order different menu. We order either seafood or vegetarian. I always avoid meat.

Tteokbokki aka rice cake
Chijeu (Cheese) Ramyeon - Highly recommended
Haemul Ramyeon

Bye Bye Seoul
End of Seoul story. The good thing about Seoul is I'm proud of their media tv entertainment. Everybody can see the beautiful Seoul scenery and popular attraction places in their drama series and movies. Every drama series especially gave a big impact to their fanatic fans. All the actor and actress look handsome and beautiful with flawless skin. That's why everybody excited to visit Korea. Thumbs up to Korea media entertainment for the big contribute in Korea Tourism. But the bad things is most of them can't speak English. We need to prepared with korea simple word. For korea drama fans, they should know a little bit korean language (for sure) hahaha...Even my cousin she can understand some korean word. Be prepared!!!!Hahaha :)



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