Monday, 17 October 2011

Traveling Bag

Bag during traveling. Are you guys prefer wheel luggage or backpack? And what is your favourite backpack brand? I have both type of bags. Wheel luggage and backpack. I will use the bags depend on purposes. My first travel bag is Deuter 55+10. Deuter is US brand and well known brand amongst outdoor people. My Deuter already 4 years old now. I always bring my Deuter during traveling. Easy for me to move.

Deuter 55+10
I also bought Deuter daily backpack for my laptop cum working bag. Simple right?? I love my job. No need to spend my money buying new handbag or wearing formal office suit. I've be as I am. This is the real me. Going to the office with collar tshirt at least, jeans and my daily backpack. So simple. Lucky I'm working in private sector. Thank you to my company.

Deuter daily backpack
 And now I have one more travel bag. It's a Quicksilver wheel luggage and I use when I'm going offshore. Just throw all my offshore thing inside my luggage. So far I'm happy with it.

Actually I admired NorthFace wheel luggage. I like the design. Very simple and look slim. It's similar to my Quicksilver but I like NorthFace design. I saw one of my friend luggage during offshore. I have no choice in Penang. So I go for Quicksilver.

Yesterday, I use Whatsapp (free sms service between smart phone) with my friend. The only communication I have right now onboard (via wifi). She just came back from solo traveling (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia). Actually, I ask her to buy me Northface for my laptop backpack. Vietnam famous with branded bag including NorthFace and Deuter (they sell both original and gred A imitation). Normally, if they sell around USD7, it's confirm not genuine (I already mention to her). The salesgirl always promote the imitation. For original, need to check the original logo inside the bag. But unfortunately, in Ho Chin Minh City she found all the bad quality imitation. Lucky she not buying me the imitation NortFace :).

Then, she introduce me one more outdoor brand, Quechua. We never heard right??Not famous in Malaysia and we don't have that brand here. Quechua is a Europe brand. It's famous among Europe traveler. During her solo traveler she found most of Europe traveler use Quechua backpack. So, quickly I browse Quechua website. It's like what my friend said. The design pretty cool. You guys can check it out here I like two Quechua backpack design, Symbian Accsess Backpack 60 liter(lady design) and Forclaz 60+15 backpack (men design).

Symbian Access Backpack 60 liter

Forclaz 60+15 liter
Then, now I have a problem. How do I buy Symbian backpack?? Online store in UK not provide shipping worldwide. Maybe I need to wait until April next year. They have branch in India and China :). Long time to wait. I want to buy it tomorrow!!!!!!


Jones said...

bnyk beg..mai satu!

Harshal Agarwal said...

Symbian Access Backpack 60 liter is cool and solve my whole problem of packing all stuff together. It's quite light weight and comfort to carry.

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