Monday, 10 October 2011

Universal Studio Singapore (USS)

It was an unplanned trip after came back from Korea. My friend suddenly request to visit Universal Studio, Singapore (USS) on 26 March 2011.

I bought our USS ticket via online from USS website, Picture below is for weekend rate. 

Ticket price

Don't forget to print out the ticket. Show this ticket to scan before entering USS gate.

USS ticket

My friend in Johor settled the Odyssey shuttle bus ticket from Tune Hotel, Danga Bay to USS. You can buy online or just walk in to their counter at Tune Hotel, Danga Bay building (ground floor). We bought one way ticket that cost RM15/per way. Get cheaper price if buy return ticket.

Odyssey ticket & Schedule
Actually we plan to stay in Singapore (that's the reason we bought one way ticket) but for some reason we changed our plan . We decided to stay in Kozi Hotel, Danga Bay (just 150m from Tune Hotel). Check Kozi hotel rate & room type at 

Other option is staying at Tune Hotel (need to book early for the cheap promotion). Always check Tune Hotel promotion at To Malaysian travelers I really recommend both hotel.


We arrived USS around 8.30am. Still quiet and empty. The entrance will open around 10.00am. Time to take picture!!!!Yahoooo

Universal Studio Singapore

Main Entrance

First thing to grab is USS Map. Explore Ride & Show and 7 zone in USS. For more detail about activity in USS, please visit their website at the link above.


Sci-Fic City
The most adventurous rides are here. Human (angel) vs Cylon (evil) roller coaster are must try rides in USS. It was unbelievable thrills.

Battlestar Galactica : Human vs Cylon Entrance

Human vs Cylon
Happy face
Alien on earth
 Ancient Egypt
Warghhhh!!!!! We are in Egypt.. Here also have an interesting ride called Revenge of the Mummy. It was indoor roller coaster. So sorry, I don't have the picture of the roller coaster coz camera is not allowed. 

Revenge of The Mummy Exit

Mr Egypt
The Lost World
Divided into two theme Jurassicpark and Water World. This zone more suitable to kids but we still enjoy it. Let's try Jurassic Park rapid adventures. Be prepared you will get wet. Other rides are for children.

Canopy Flyer
Dina Soarin Pilot
Jurrasic Park rapid Adventure

After get wet in Rapid Adventure, we continue to water live show at Water World theme. For those who don't want to get wet please sit last row area. Watch an exciting action water show. Very nice and interesting show.

Live Water Show

Meet the actor
Far Far Away
Far Far Away is based on Shrek's movie. Don't miss to meet and take picture with Shrek and Princess Fiona. No ride activity here but enjoy their shows.

Welcome to Far Far Away
Frog Pond
Shrek's Cave
Shrek's Family
Poos in boot in da house!!!!Say hi to Poos!!!!

Poos in Boot

Let's see, hear and feel the action right from your seat in Shrek 4-D Adventure. Be patient and wait for your turn.

Line up
Then continue Donkey live show, Shrek's friend. It's more on kid show.

Donkey Live Show

We just past by this zone. Everybody feel tired and thirsty. See the arrow in the picture. Most of visitor bought this type of drink (especially family with kids). So expensive, $15. But you can refill your drink at any stall in USS just for $2. Worth it for family with kids.

Madagascar Zone
New York
Watch the famous street dance in New York. See the real New York City hit by hurricane in Light, Camera, Action show.

Hip Hop
Hat Shop
I'm in Hollywood yo!!! More on picture activity. Catch the famous Hollywood people such as Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Manroe, English Lady and others.

Hollywood street
Charlie Chaplin
English Lady
1,2,3 peace!!!! Old school Hollywood vehicle and building picture.

Yellow Taxi
Antique car
California car

Between Hollywood and New York zone, we can watch live singing entertainment from Daddy's O band.

Daddy's O
Then don't forget appointment with Monster Rock show. Have fun yo!!! It was rock n roll musical show and very interesting.  We sing along together.

Monster Rock Show

What a tiring day!!!! But we have fun there and we are really enjoyed it. For those who plan to go Universal Studio Singapore, better hold first. I heard USS will built new zone for transformer. But I’m not very sure about that. Maybe can check from internet and forum.


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Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun at USS. You might want to escape from Singapore to Johor Bahru as well. There are numerous places to see such as Legoland, Hello Kitty, and more.

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